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Coaches, make sure to get your schedule and/or any changes to your schedule to Jeff Niemietz, our Secretary, as soon as possible. Good luck on the year ahead, and we are looking forward to maintaining the integrity of the game on your baseball fields.
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Robert Hargrove / Jeff Niemietz

210-557-8421 / 830-570-0051

Thank you again!

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A Word from the President

          On behalf of the Brush Country Baseball Chapter and the Board of Directors, I want to thank each of you for being a part of the chapter, and for the sacrifices you and your families/loved ones make to support both the chapter and this great game. I look forward to the coming season with you, and wish you health, safety and happiness.

With deepest respect and regards,

Robert Hargrove

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Tim Pimental WWUA 9.0
Robert Hargrove 0.0
Area Allstar Game 2019 Robert Redding Pl
Beauty of Baseball 20190218_185753
BCU Meeting 20171202_115200
Beauty of Baseball 20190215_161032
Beauty of Baseball 20190314_075841
Joseph Cruz, Jonthan Byrd Pregame 201904
Beauty of Baseball 20190321_163446
Joseph Cruz, Michael Berryman Foreshadow
Beauty of Baseball 20190326_162730
Joseph Cruz, Robert Hargrove Foreshadow
Tim Pimental WWUA 9.0
Xcaret Ramirez WWUA 6.0
Xcaret Ramirez 10.0
Tim Pimental WWUA 3.0
Chuck Marquardt Plate Mechanics, Moving
Chuck Marquardt Strike 3 Called, RH @ Fl
Irvin Russell Strike Call, LH @ Floresvi
Joseph Cruz Prayer, Jose Arreguin @ Dill
Chuck Marquardt Plate Mechanics, Moving
The Beauty of Baseball - 2019 PONY World
The Beauty of Baseball - 2019 PONY World
Zertuche Coaching - Chuck Marquardt, Rob
Zertuche Coaching 'Do a Better Job than
Robert Hargrove Joe Ramon Tomas Rodrigue
Tomas Rodriguez Robert Redding Laredo Un
Tomas Rodriguez 1.0
Robert Hargrove 2.0
Tomas Rodriguez 2.0
State Crew 0.0
Frank Lopez 10.0
State Crew 5.0
Raul Urrabazo 1.0
Robert Redding 15.0
Brent Fountain 19.0
Frank Lopez 12.0
Charlie Jupe 1.0
The Crew 1.0
Mario Alonzo 14.0
The Crew 5.0
Robert Redding 3.0
Mario Alonzo 12.0
Felix Casanova 1.0
Felix Casanova 2.0
Mario Alonzo 17.0
Robert Hargrove Joe Ramon Tomas Rodrigue
Tomas Rodriguez 5.0
Robert Hargrove 3.0
Robert Hargrove 0.0
Tomas Rodriguez 3.0
Webex Cisco Brush Country Meeting
939 4147 4030

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