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MECHANICS: Balk & Illegal Pitch Videos & Other Issues

Robert Hargrove Joe Ramon Tomas Rodrigue

Use these videos as a tool to improve your umpiring skills‼ Take a look at these videos and see if the umpire is right or wrong?  And, see if the batter, fielder, coach, or umpire make the right call?


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BALK │ Knee Pop Balk Called & Missed │ YMtC WEEKLY TIP BALKS PRO & HS

BALK │ MLB Pitcher Balks & Umpire Balk Signals #3

BALK │ MLB Rule, NOT Fed NFHS Ted Barrett #65, Breaking Down the Balk, MLB!

BALK │ Marvin Hudson #51 MLB Balk Training of GSOA Umpires


BALK │ MLB Pitcher Balks & Umpire Balk Signals #2

BALK │ MLB Pitcher Balks & Umpire Balk Signals #1

BALK │ Knee Pop Balk Missed, HS Call at 1B, Balk or Picked Off, Laredo United South v. SA Stevens

Case Play 2018-3 - No Strike, No Balk, No Steal of Home

Umpire Training - Balks - What is a Stop?

The Double Set Balk

Pitcher Drops Ball

Can a Pitcher Speed-Up His Windup to Catch Runner Stealing Home?

Tech Talk: Chris Welsh and Ted Barrett engage in balk talk | Reds Live

2019 - Situation 27 - Appeal Plays

Situation #12: Balks


Catcher Interference, Balk, Steal of Home

Balk No Call - No Step

Catcher's Balk

Balk or pick off?

What Constitutes a Balk?

MLB Balks Supercut

MLB Ultimate Balks Compilation Part 2

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