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Various: Great Videos of Our Guys by Joseph Christian Cruz

Robert Hargrove Joe Ramon Tomas Rodrigue

Use these videos as a tool to improve your umpiring skills‼ Take a look at these videos and see if the umpire is right or wrong?  And, see if the batter, fielder, coach, or umpire make the right call?


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Moody tops state-ranked Laredo Alexander at Border Olympics - 3Sports

Laredo Alexander Bull Dog Baseball at the 2020 Border Olympics.

2020 Laredo Baseball Border Olympics

Laredo United South Panthers Prep for 3rd Round Texas HS 2019 Playoffs

Laredo Alexander vs San Antonio Reagan 5/24/2019

PMHS vs CC King

Case Play Answer - Catcher-Runner Standoff Was Out of Line

Catcher-Runner Standoff Leads to Brawl - College Baseball Case Play

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