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2-Man TASO Umpire Field Mechanics

2-Man TASO Umpire Field Mechanics

Today, the Brush Country Chapter of Baseball Umpires is officially uploading the some great videos from the Abilene Chapter of Baseball Umpires in regards to 2-Man, 3-Man, and 4-Man Field Mechanics.

Check out the videos, and get in the game with right mind & the right spot on the field.

A Little Bit about the Abilene Umpires Organization

Baseball is America's pastime, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that players want to stay on the field past the time they are able to throw a 90 mile fastball or blast a hanging curve into the bleachers. Umpiring is your ticket to staying in the game and making a difference in the sport you love.

God bless!

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