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Various: Great Videos of Our Guys by Joseph Christian Cruz

Use these videos as a tool to improve your umpiring skills‼ Take a look at these videos and see if the umpire is right or wrong?  And, see if the batter, fielder, coach, or umpire make the right call?


Tech Talk: Chris Welsh and Ted Barrett #65 MLB Umpire engage in BALK talk

Chris Welsh dives into the RULE BOOK with

Ted Barrett #65 MLB Umpire

2 RUNNERS on BASE: MLB Umpire #65 Ted and Chris clarify complicated rule

Chris Welsh & crew chief Ted Barrett #65 MLB Umpire talk OBSTRUCTION rules

Tech Talk with Reds analyst Chris Welsh: SWITCH HITTING w/MLB Umpire Ted Barrett #65

RUNNERS LANE INTERFERENCE: Running inside the base paths with umpire Ted Barrett #65 MLB Umpire

Tech Talk: Umpire Ted Barrett #65 MLB Umpire explains CATHCER'S INTERFERENCE | Reds Live pregame

Tech Talk with Chris Welsh: OBSTRUCTION the runner by

MLB Umpire #65 Ted Barrett

Tech Talk: Breaking down the BALK by MLB Umpire #65 Ted Barrett

Reds Tech Talk: When is a home run, a HOME RUN?

Tough Call on this Stopped Ball - FAIR or FOUL?

Ted Barrett MLB Umpire #65

Final Word on Ground balls FAIR OR FOUL

Ted Barrett MLB Umpire #65

MLB Umpire #65 Ted Barrett has Doctorate in Theology and was Evander Holyfield's sparring partner

Get Know to

MLB Umpire #65 Ted Barrett


MLB Umpire #65 Ted Barrett 

ESPANOL Play4Him -

MLB Umpire #65 Ted Barrett (Spanish Subtitles)

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