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MLB Umpire Ted Barrett, MLB Umpire, talks faith and strikeouts in the next episode “Answering the Call.”  Listen to the genesis of Calling for Christ which is a ministry of umpires trying to reach, teach, and disciple professional umpires for Jesus.

Ted is ordained as...

As their school bus approached their home on Holman Avenue that November morning in 1986, Chris Guccione and little brother Steven were distracted by the emotional voice of their mother saying goodbye to them at the front door. This was no ordinary farewell as she repe...

You’re a young, aspiring official who is eager to seek knowledge anywhere you can about the rules, mechanics and philosophies applicable in your sport. You’re hoping to move up the ladder or just to get better. But you don’t feel you’re getting what you need from the t...

The evolution of the mechanics of calling plays at home plate has been fascinating to observe.

Plate umpires can make decisions on 250 to 300 pitches in a game, but one call at the plate might decide the outcome of the game. Consequently, the umpire community commits a...

​Pastor Dean has baptized 66 professional umpires, calling them safe in the only way that matters.

EVERY DAY IS Judgment Day for an umpire. In the early days of organized baseball, team owners actually encouraged fans to harass umps who made questionable, or just unpopu...

On a force play when the ball initially beat the runner, but the fielder had leaped or pulled his foot off the base to field an imperfect throw, umpires can add supplemental signals to explain and sell the safe call. After initially calling the runner safe, the umpire...

Getting the decision right is more important than umpire pride.

For many years, an umpire changing a call was considered a sign of weakness. The current thinking at all levels of play is that getting the decision correct must prevail over any consideration of umpire pri...

Timing is everything!” That expression is cemented when it comes to baseball umpiring. You can read rulebooks, study mechanics, go to camps and clinics and have excellent judgment, but it will all be for naught if your timing stinks. 

In an AL game many years ago, a bat...

SITUATION 1: The coach runs out of the dugout, yelling profanity and throwing his hat at the base umpire as he disputes a call. RULING: When an unsportsmanlike act involving profane language directed at an umpire is judged to be a major violation, the penalty is an imm...

High school baseball rules now will require a pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown in a game.

​​The revised pitching policy in Rule 6-2-6 was one of six rules changes approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFH...

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