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Welcome to Arbiter Sports!  This is the system we use to schedule, coordinate, accept, reject, write notes, and unfortunately at times, have to cancel games by notifications methods such as email or text messages upon the Assignor assigning, modifying, and or cancelling games.


In 1984, ArbiterSports pioneered the use of computer technology to help manage officiating programs. Today, sports leagues and associations make nearly 10 million assignments to more than 360,000 officials every year using ArbiterSports technology.

What the Professionals Use

Assigners can easily and efficiently manage and assign officials and provide online access to real-time game information to officials, leagues and teams.  Nearly 4,000 leagues and associations ranging from 6 to 21,000 officials currently trust the system to manage every detail of 5 million annual assignments. It is the choice of officials too; because ArbiterOne is so widely used, your officials are already using ArbiterOne with other groups and like being able to manage all of their assignments and blocks in one place.

Keep That Roster Buttoned-Up

No more mistakes and confusion because ArbiterOne lets you:

  • Get a complete view of all your officials, their availability, contact information and pictures.

  • Send out frequent, organized communication by email to your entire roster or any portion of it.

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